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Are you looking for a tool to help you plan and understand how your loans work? Well, you've come to the right place. This site was created to help you visualize and plan out your loan. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

Please Note: You should always consult with a financial advisor when making serious financial decisions. The functions on this site are provided as-is and are intended to be used as tools for planning purposes.
Also: This site is under heavy construction. There is not much in the way of validation and not all features may work. Please bear with us as we get this stuff set up for you. Thanks!

Step 1. Let's Get Started

Ok, so first of all we need to know a little bit about your loan. Fill in the fields below and we'll let you know once you have enough information to move on.

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Step 2. Modifications (Optional)

In this section, you can make modifications to your repayment schedule. You can change your payment amount or add "events" to the schedule.

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Step 3. Events (Optional)

Events are what makes this tool powerful for planning. An event is a point in time when you'd make an extra payment or when the rate changed. For example, if you get a quarterly bonus and want to add $500 every three months, you can add that event here. Or, if you know you're going to be receiving money once next June, you can add a one-time event for that.

Name Short Name Type Repeats? Interval Is Permanent? Change Value

Step 4. Calculations & Amortization Schedule

You've made it! Now that you've filled everything out, we can show you what your loan is going to look like. Click the button below to show the amortization schedule and loan summary. The white lines represent the schedule based on the information from steps 1 and 2. If you've added one or more events, the amortization schedule will show two sets of values for each period. The green rows will represent the modified values from the events.

Period (Payment #) Event(s) Beginning Balance Payment Principal Interest Cumulative Principal Cumulative Interest Ending Balance